• How Much Does a Typical Video Cost?

    Everything is conditioned by the exact type of video you need and efforts to be invested. Contact ask to learn the accurate cost of the video you need.

  • What’s the Typical Process?

    We explore you company, come up with ideas and present you with a couple of draft concepts to choose from. The concept you like is polished and turned into the video of the kind you ask for (animation or live action).

  • How Long Does It Take?

    Normal production process cannot take any short deadlines and requires 6 to 10 weeks of hard work. Add 3-4 weeks for you to revise and ask for some changes (and for us to implement them), and you will get a clue about time you need to assign to this marketing stage.

  • How Long Should My Video Be?

    Judging by majority of analytics, the shorter is the better. So, a video running between half a minute and two minutes is enough to interest customers and make them want to learn more about the company – just what you need them to do.

  • Who Owns the Rights to the Video?

    The video is ultimately yours and you own the rights to dispose of it as you deem necessary. Read the Agreement on video services to know all the bottom line info.

  • Why Should I Choose to work with has created about a five hundreds diverse video products (mainly video explainers) for world vide brands and smaller companies with palpable results. Our company appreciate every customer and approaches their needs individually, that’s why our videos are bound to boost your success.

  • What Types of Videos Do We Offer?

    We can produce any type of video you need, which means any industry and any type of image creation. We can make testimonials videos for you, branding clips, explainers, demos, company presentation and what’s not – in animation, life action, stop motion and in combination of techniques you might want.

  • How Do Feedback and Revisions Work?

    We include in the schedule some extra time for you to review the product and to provide us with reasonable feedback. We will revise the product to make it as close to a perfection as possible.

  • Do You Have any References from Past Clients?

    Yes, definitely. We can provide testimonies of our customers so that you learned about excellent quality of videos we produce firsthand.

  • How Does Payment Work?

    As in every industry, we charge 50% of the price as upfront installment to start the production and another 50% is charged after you have approved the video we made for you. You can pay via PayPal and wire transfer.

  • Our Project is Confidential. Will You Sign an NDA?

    Yes, sure. We understand the value of discreet information and will sign the agreement to keep your data protected.

  • What Formats Will You Deliver Our Explainer Video?

    You will receive the video in one of the most common formats, however you can order it delivered in any format you need. Mind that the source file can be provided to you with supplemental fee being charged.

  • Do You Work with Clients Outside of The U.S. & Canada?

    Yes, we have the capacity to work with customers worldwide. Language of production is not a barrier as we can avail of services of translators fluent in majority of languages. Our narrators can deliver soundtrack in British and American English, German, Spanish or other widespread accents as well.