Which type of explainer video should you choose?

Explainer videos are great to watch aren’t they? But do we like all the videos? No right. Every style of the video has a different class that it instills, mostly every age gap likes something different, kids won’t like what adults do, and teenagers won’t like what senior citizens like and vice versa. Now an explainer video is also made with a target audience in mind, a video without a target audience is useless and won’t be beneficial.

If you’re planning on making an explainer video then you will have to decide what style to choose and how will it complement your business. Let’s start with the types Veedeem company provides you with:

  • 2D animation
  • Whiteboard
  • Motion graphics
  • Brand video
  • Infographics
  • App demo

Now let’s look at each of them in order:

2D animation

Animated videos are loved by both customers and companies alike.


They are fun, playful, engaging, entertaining — with animation you can tell any story you want, without it costing the earth! For example, if you wanted to set your video in space, it would cost the same as setting it in an office. This limitless nature of animation is one of the main reasons why 44% of marketers primarily use animated explainer videos.

2D animated videos are probably the most recognizable form of animation.

Here’s an example:


It’s fun and includes familiar characters.

The message tends to resonate more when delivered by 2D characters.

Humorous storytelling makes for a memorable video.


Does not deliver a technical information effectively.

May be difficult to follow without professional script writing.

Appeals more to emotion and less to reasoning.

Industries that will benefit the most from 2D animation videos are those that:

Advertise heavily on social media.

Have a simple message to deliver.

Seek to add a humorous component to their marketing.

Need to create a personal connection with their audience.

Approximate budget: starting $1000 to $5000


Whiteboard videos have been rising in popularity for some time. This sudden rise in popularity could be thanks to one of many reasons: whiteboard videos are inexpensive, simple to make, and allow you to portray complex topics to your viewers with simple imagery.

With whiteboard videos, users can see the story unfolding in real-time. This sense of transparency is great for engagement because viewers stay tuned as they want to know what is going to happen next.

Although not as visually attractive as some other explainer video styles, whiteboard videos make it easier for viewers to learn as they mimic how we learn in educational classes. This makes whiteboard videos great for pitching concepts and ideas, and also corporate training videos.

Watch this whiteboard video to see what we mean:


Holds audience attention through storytelling and visual processing.

Simplifies complex ideas or technical information.

Allows audiences to relate to the story’s characters.


Once the characters are drawn, they do not move or interact with other characters.

Characters are one dimensional, so the message must be strong.

Viewing the hand draw the video may become a bit distracting.

Approximate budget: starting $3000 to $10000

Motion Graphics

Everybody loves graphics and it’s something that you see in movies and games. Motion graphics use video footage and animation technology to be used in multimedia projects. Motion graphics explainer videos are characterized for being engaging and straight forward and this style is great for companies that have complex product or service.

Take a look at this video below for an insight.


Simplifies technical subject matter and numeric based messages.

Focuses on delivering a clear, concise message.

Utilizes memorable visuals that stick with the audience.


Does not flow nice with storytelling.

If not professionally scripted, may oversimplify important concepts.

When graphics are not custom, they appear to be “stock.”

A professionally created graphics animation video is best suited for the following:

Financial industry reports.

Startup companies seeking investors.

Tech industry companies who want to establish credibility.

Non-profit companies demonstrating research.

Approximate budget: starting $1000 to $50000

Brand video

Brands are companies with great good will and recognition. Branding helps company position their offering in a distinguished way from the rest. Brand Video explainers are being used by leading and startup companies to reach to their audience and market themselves.


Great possibility to show off your brand’s face

Way to show your production and processes.

Delivering a clear, concise message.


Takes a lot of time for filming and mounting

Needs a whole filming team

Approximate budget: starting from $5000 to $50000


Fluid motion of statistics, numbers, Images, text in most loveable way to attract viewers. This video is preferred in showing big list of financial data, facts, figures, etc.

With kinetic typography, you can emphasize important messages and drive home key points to your viewers. Typography videos are engaging because it can be quite mesmerizing to watch text spelled out before you on screen. Just as whiteboard videos keep people watching because they want to know what happens next, kinetic typography does the same.


On the more affordable end of the video spectrum.

Words in motion capture and hold the attention of your audience.

Use of words and colors that are brand specific creates brand awareness.


No storytelling component.

Works better when used as an intro sales message.

Script must be succinct and include “Power Words” to be effective.

Words are the only visual (no graphics/characters).

If your business fits the following criteria, infographics may be the best choice for you:

Startup business on a budget that wants to incorporate video marketing.

Business that makes presentations and wants to capture attention.

Direct call to action messages that do not require characters.

Approximate budget: starting $1000 to $5000

App Demo

The whole video is played inside a video widget which makes easy for any mobile startup to explain the idea behind the concept.

These simple, low-budget videos are perfect for educating current customers and onboarding new ones. As screencast videos are more about education and attracting new users for your App, they can engage customers for a longer period of time than other explainer video styles.


Demonstrate actual digital products or applications.

Provide a detailed “how to” video that is a useful tool.

Show off the features of a product, creating user confidence.


Functional video medium with no room for storytelling.

Approximate budget: starting from $2000 to $6000

Now that you are clear on the many types of explainer and marketing videos available and which one will serve your objectives, you can get a free consultation from our experts and put your video marketing in motion.