To Pay or Not to Pay? Are Cheap Explainer Videos Really So Bad?

Well, modernity teaches us that cheap does not always mean bad. It is possible to achieve reasonably good results without investing tons of money. In some cases, it really works, especially now, when technology has made many things easier to access and faster to happen. Computers allow creating amazing effects without spending months on remote locations and applying mind-breaking equipment. Everything is done on the screen via software. So why pay more? The video is only a video, that’s all.

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Yet the point is, what to consider cheap or expensive, and what quality will be achieved at low budget. We will break down the explainer video making process into stages and sections to show what costs are involved, and what cost-cutting means in the long run. It will be up to you to decide what you want – lower paycheck or high-quality video that will work the way you want.

Costs of video production are important, but higher costs mean involvement of experienced team, professional scriptwriter (a good script), excellent animation and effects and the marketing results that you need. Lower costs mean that you will get services worth of their fee.

  • experienced team. Low budget means that a team working on the video you ordered will consist on one, maximum two people who will do every task from script writing to video editing. This fact says a lot about the quality of work you will get. No person is good at everything, so a good scriptwriter is a mediocre technician or sound expert. More people on the team? It costs significantly more. But you get a scriptwriter, technical people, a visual designer and a marketer who will look with a keen eye for your company and provide clear vision what this explainer video should convey to customers.
  • perfect company-oriented script. This point is directly linked to the previous remark. A really good script that reflects values and advantages of your company without overburdening people with unnecessary details can be created only by experienced writers who work in conjunction with strategists and marketers. So a brilliant script equal more money spent. Low budget? You will get a standard script that fits every industry and every company but is very loosely related to your particular sphere of interest. Do you need this mold type of vide at all?

Explainer videos are a long-term investment, so select the company to give your funds to as carefully as you would select a fund for your retirement savings.

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  • visuals available. Again, more funds mean individual approach and flexibility in choice and creation of visuals. A good artist may come up with a single unique idea that will earn you millions or will attract robust streams of traffic to your site (depending on what your goal is). So, the team above all. But the costs!…Ok, you get free rendering figures that are boring and awkward and almost no good animation and effects – but it is cheap!
  • results. What you ultimately want are not the video but results it should bring you. In marketing, everything is done with some purpose, and explainer videos are no exception. You need conversions, more sales, and loyal customers. That is what you are paying for. Results can be delivered by the video only if this video was created by an experienced team with the involvement of the best graphics and clear concepts. Some small marketing tricks should also be included. It all required skills and resources. In other words, funds. Are you ready to sacrifice the results only to save some bucks?

You should view these videos as a long-term investment, returns on which will far exceed the initial costs – but only if you have selected a reputable company to invest into. No one expects the good return on funds entrusted to unscrupulous traders. In the same manner, you cannot expect to achieve positive results with the video crafted from leftovers by a tired guy who has a dozen of similar tasks and looming deadlines. So think twice and make a right choice on quality and result over low budget.