Staging A Show For A Physician: How Technology Can Actually Make Medicine More Human

Today everything seems to have been reviewed and posted on the web with testimonies and star rating. Holiday spots, shops, restaurants, schools, beauticians, spa and pubs, wedding planners and babysitters, universities and sports clubs – they all can be accessed via some social network or a website and evaluated prior to an actual visit. Medical area follows the trend and offers virtual tours around the facilities and provides animated simulations of operations performed with predictions of success or complications depending on a given condition.

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Patients came to appreciate this opportunity and now want to know more about doctors they are going to see. So this is a chance to present the staff of your hospital at its best. Videos are definitely the most effective tool to do that. Seeing doctors ‘in flesh’ significantly increases patients assurance and trust and provides more humanity to what happens in hospitals. People arrive there better prepared for procedures they need, and general familiarity with settings slightly eases the tension experienced by waiting relatives or close people who stay outside of medical units. So mind that a properly selected and crafted video increases both the facility ratings and number of potential patients to your hospital – and gives a human face to this highly technical and professional place. There are four main types of videos that you can offer to people to demonstrate your hospital in a better light.

Textual data cannot deliver a feeling of a human contact or show how a doctor approaches a certain condition and how he or she intends to treat it in these particular settings. Videos are incomparable better in this sense.

  • ‘biopic’ or video biography of a medical worker. The sample case is story and biography of a new cardiologist on the Fisher-Titus Medical Center staff list. Dr. Chetan Hampole is presented as a newcomer in this particular facility, but he is an experienced medic and his medical practice record is impressive. 2-minute video includes Dr. Hampole communication with patients and his suggestions in treating this or that condition. This video allows getting better knowledge of this doctor prior to hospital visit and it also promotes the facility as possessing a highly competent specialist on its list. The hospital promotes the video on its own page and on social channels like YouTube and Facebook.
  • interviewing with a dedicated specialist. This video under discussion is the piece featuring the same Dr. Hampole but already in the role of a renown specialist of Fisher Titus Hospital. Instead of presenting himself, Dr. Hampole delves into particularities of disease development t in different patients, namely, in men and women. First, the educational value of the video is quite high, and second, it provides patients with a clue what to expect during their visit to this doctor and what information the doctor might want to look for.

Main types of videos that can be used by hospitals and medics are ‘biopics’, interviews, facility tours and testimonies.

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  • facility tour and procedures explained. This type of video is probably the best way to prepare patients for coming to hospital without excessive fear. It presents the outlook of the whole hospital, indicates areas where procedures take place and where relatives can wait, and in general makes the place a little more familiar to patients. Besides, they can see what procedures and treatment look like, and it spares them hours of anxiety and fear. So a hospital definitely become more human oriented.
  • patients reviews and testimonies. This is probably the most important thing that impacts decisions made by potential patients. So the only piece of advice along providing quality services is to be honest and provide dissatisfied video reviews together with satisfied – with careful explanation what went off the route and what causes led to it. Honesty and humane approach are valued above all, so mind that while ordering promo videos for your medical facility.