55% of people consume videos thoroughly
People spend 2.6x more time on pages with video
87% of online marketers use video content
A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words
Video attracts 2x more monthly visitors

They have doubled the number of attendees, with our video

There are just a few of our best explainers.
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How it works

STEP #1Goals & Objectives

After you filled little brief we explore it to understand your company’s mission, your goals, and expectations for the video. Then we bring together creative goals and concept.

STEP #2Research & Insights

We consider how your idea might be defined by story, image, and motion. Target the right audience. As soon as we choose a direction, we write a script of your message.

STEP #3Script & Storyboard

We will take the information you’ve given us and make sure your message is passed with maximum clarity and impact directly to your audience. You will get a storyboard to see the finalize scenario and approve it.

STEP #4Animation

This is when the video comes alive. Our talented professional animators work in the team to bring all the elements into motion and design every scene of your video. It will take some time so be patient 🙂

STEP #5Sound Design

Sound effects and music are as important as the video itself. We’ll select a professional male and the female UK or US voice artists to deliver your very important message.

STEP #6Final video

It’s SHOWTIME! Proudly delivering your flawless video in the format you like absolutely ready for uploading to your video host. Get ready to enjoy your success 😉

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How can education benefit from video explainer?

Video explainers is a unique tool for transmitting complex information to a group of people, who are only getting familiar with the topic. It is a great chance to engage the audience, concentrating on your strongest sides and presenting them in a clear and vivid way. Who needs boring texts or plain pictures? With the help of video explainers, you can tell all history of your college or course, its achievements and potential benefits for an enrollee. Such videos will give you such advantages, as:

  • Showing potential students, where they will spend their student years or time after work. It can be a virtual journey, showing libraries, classes, halls and all other corners of your establishment;
  • Providing various statistics, including information on students’ achievements and awards, which will greatly help future students to make up their mind!

Due to a large number of competitors, every college or university needs to make everything possible to grab attention of the potential student. That is why you need to keep up with modern technologies and make sure your establishment stands out from the rest, giving everyone a chance to get necessary information in a simple and fun way.