Where To Place Your Explainer Video?

Here’s where to place your explainer videos and some of the different ways you can use them. Many B2B businesses today are using explainer videos in all sorts of creative ways to boost conversions, widen engagement and increase sales. So now you need to know how you can use them for growing your business.

  • On Your Home Page

    This is one of the most common uses of an animated marketing video. This is a great way to showcase what your company does and your work culture.

    Make sure that you place this video above the fold of your home page so that your viewers can’t miss it. CrazyEgg is using their product explainer video on the homepage.

     Crazyegg’s Explainer Video

    Explainer videos prominently featured on the homepage can increase conversions significantly. You never want to overload a visitor with copy, but it’s hard to distill all of your features and benefits to images and quick blurbs of text.

    Explainer videos allow you take the 300 words you can’t find room for and cut it down to a 30-second video that’s visual, helpful, and conversion-focused. We do it on our homepage at Mailshake and often get compliments from new customers saying how helpful it was with their decision to buy the product. (Sujan Patel Growth Marketer & Co-Founder at Web Profits)


  • On Your Landing Page

    It’s a really good idea to have a video on your landing pages. The video should match the purpose of the landing page. So now you are giving your viewers the option of watching a video instead of reading the text on your web page.

    Having a video on your landing page reduces bounce rate and increases the average visit time by 2 minutes. Make sure to have a CTA visible while watching the video or immediately at the end of the video. Insightly uses an explainer video to explain their features:

    Insightly’s Explainer Video on their landing page

  • Videos In Your Emails

    Emails are still one of the best communication mediums to date and probably the biggest driver of conversions and lead generation.

    Emails can be made even more effective by adding videos to them:

    • Videos make your emails stand out. They are much more engaging than a textual copy and your message will be communicated to your target audience with maximum clarity.
    • Research shows that video emails received a better response in terms of open rates and conversion rates as compared to traditional emails.
    • According to Syndacast, just including the word video on your email subject line can:
      1. Boost open rates by 19%.
      2. Boost click-through rates by 65%.
      3. Reduce unsubscribes by 26%.

    The videos could be product demos, newsletters, customer testimonials, training course videos or even a simple thank you video to your customer.

    Videos make videos more human and so it makes your message more personal and trustworthy.

    Wistia’s Email with video

  • On Your Blog

    Blogs with heavy content can be quite difficult to digest. This is why it’s becoming a trend for bloggers to add videos to blog posts. Readers get a chance to take a break from reading and can easily watch videos in the middle of the content.

    Search Engines are trying to provide better & valuable content to users. And since videos can do the job better, it helps you to increase your SERPs.

    Check out this blog post by Webprofits:

    Webprofits Blog Post

  • On Your Social Media Accounts

    Facebook now serves a whopping 8 billion video views every day – that’s double the amount users were consuming in early 2015.

    The greatest asset of explainer video marketing is its shareability. Because videos are so powerful in terms of engagement and shareability, social media platforms today have been optimized to include a lot more videos. Today Facebook videos have a 10x higher viral reach than YouTube links.

    Instagram is a great platform for video marketing because they were created solely for pictures and video. This makes it a great place to launch a video to promote your brand, product or service. But it doesn’t stop here. Twitter, Vine, and Vimeo all have one thing to say- We want more videos!

    Explainer videos can also be used as a presentation, for conferences and even for startups to pitch new investors. The possibilities for videos are limitless. Just remember that anything that requires an explanation can be done using them.