Unexpected Ways To Employ Video For Promoting Your Business

Videos are indeed a great way to boost the popularity of a venture and to increase traffic volume pouring into the dedicated website. Yet the popularity of videos has its drawback: all possible tricks and lifehacks in video designing have been already used and reused, so it is hardly possible to come up with a totally new idea. However, used idea is one thing, and used concept is another. So borrowing a good concept is not the same as stealing the whole ready-made script. Since a concept can be filled with a totally new meaning that fits the area of your business, we decided to summarize the most creative and efficient ways to incorporate videos into marketing campaigns.

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  • Video created by a carrier company to facilitate billing procedure and make it customer-friendly. Getting the clue of all payments and charges included into the services bill is not a simple task, so AT&T has devised a customized video that can be sent to any customer who requests visual billing explanation. According to a request a basic video is packed with data about transactions and fees found in the customer’s account and sent to a customer. The personalized approach is a big plus of this video, as the video looks like a personal assistant, yet it is generated automatically at request. So collect most common questions posed to support department and make them the framework of this type of video.
  • Video discussing Public services in playful and conceptual form – and inviting people to contribute their ideas for improving these services. The city of Suwanee is developing rapidly and needs to take into account what problems its new inhabitants face in order to fix them ASAP. In order to encourage people to share their ideas and to explain how it can be done online, the dedicated playful video was created. Extra bonus: it was created using the closed house as a backdrop, thus pointing to one of the possible problems from the start.

Although the idea of promo and explainer videos has been used and cross used, it is possible to borrow conceptual framework and fill it with meaning pertaining to your company. Concept is a kind of framework, within which hundreds of variations are possible.

  • Video room in an art gallery – it made the viewer’s experience interactive and new, showcasing the art object in very unusual and enriching form. In order to retain visitors tired of walking through long galleries filled with art objects, this art gallery made video that included a whole lot of activities based on a single art object. Refreshed viewers could then continue their journey with a new approach and raise curiosity towards objects they see.
  • How-to video from a large retailer of home products – it is fun, it is advertisement and it is education packed into a single frame. A seemingly boring item – floor lamps – was presented as a tool for upgrading and styling one’s home, and the retailed carefully included into the video the types of lamps found on sale in its showrooms. So homeowners just have to decide what they want in their room and then go to the nearest store to pick the lamp.
  • Healthcare company video that makes textual information of high complexity simple and easy to digest. Healthcare insurance plans offered by this company are presented in easily understood visual form, plus a human presenter adds a warm touch to this informative video. Personalization and friendliness to customers is a number one demand.
  • Finances: a video that imitates personal consulting services while keeping the customers on the mobile. As banks move to online and mobile, personal contact becomes rare, while people report that getting personal advice is very important to them. So introduce personalized explanations and advice into videos you post. It adds authority and trustworthiness to information you present and at the same time gives people valuable experience of personalized consultations get for free.

The most interesting convepts are based on imitating personalization of services, like personal video banker or video billing, providing new experience around a familiar object, and educating viewers in the way that urges them to go and pick the item they learned about.

The most important thing about it is that this video is a direct channel between your company and your customer. In the digital world any personalization and close contact between a company and a customer is a large advantage, so provide your potential clients with this valuable experience and be ready to get growing rates of retained customers.