Trending In 2017 Digital Marketing: Best Expertise of The Day

Being a marketing expert in the digital is like being a sorcerer: you can predict what the trend will be and can make it work to propel the brand forward. Besides, it is you who creates trends and make audience want more of what you offer. It is a true miracle, and working wonders means that you have skills and competence that other marketers lack. You create, promote and push to oblivion – and do this on the run between calls, conferences, meetings, analyzing and evaluating, putting together, editing or designing. You see the future and you decide what the new day of digital marketing will be. Yes, you are a sorcerer, and we know it.

Well, wait a minute. Sorcerers also need advice sometimes. So what do they do? They go to the convent of sorcerers, of course. They swap new miracles and potions, test magic balls, – all in all, have magical workshops and trainings. So you might want to polish your skills as well and get a reminder what potions and tricks do not work anymore and need to be skipped to clear space for brand new marketing wonders.

The first and foremost rule of a brilliant marketer is to look into the future but not to forget the past. So experts in different marketing areas like content marketing, video marketing and trending technology savvies have put their wisdom together to summarize good and bad experiences of 2016 and to predict what tools will win the jackpot in 2017.

No tee-hees now. Crystal clear expertise and knowledge bonded with practical advice is ready to use, you just need to click the link. How is that? We have done the organizational job and selected the best digests of trends predicted for 2017 as well as summaries of do’s and dont’s that surfaced in 2016 and are here to stay. So in order to read the future like your Facebook newsfeed, make use of following sources and opinions based on experience – and your marketing repertoire will shine even brighter.

  • 73 experts on digital marketing including star names like Sujan Patel or Joe Pulizzi have come up with lists of most powerful marketing tools to use in 2017. Read it at SnapApp and ride the digital marketing wave of 2017 with double assurance.
  • Smart Insights has put together its own to-do list of 14 positions that will become a spare trick up your sleeve.
  • Convince and Convert has contributed to this fountain of wisdom with its overview of most useful and advice-packed blog posts of 2016. Jay Baer has personally picked these fruits of digital marketing wisdom, so be sure to give them a try.
  • Marketing trend are not the only stuff to learn and keep in your mind. Technology defines what will be the next big boom in digital media, so be sure to regularly look up what next gadget or app is available to channel your marketing content through.

Now go ahead in full armor and teach the industry how the marketing magic is done!