Low on Budget, High in Efficiency: Rapid Social Media Traffic Boosting With No Extra Costs

Digital promotion of a brand or a business is nothing without wide audience that increases and multiplies itself. Getting site visitors that arrive via different channels and represent diverse demography is a key to efficient digital marketing without investing excessive funds in the process. Social media are the tool which importance in traffic boosting is hard to overestimate. What is meant by building traffic? It is building relations and connections with your potential customers in social media and engaging them in the brand so that they returned to your website often and performed the actions you want them to perform. So whatever you do should be optimized to engage – posts, videos, graphics, announcements, what’s not.

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Prior to setting accounts in all possible social media it is worth reminding that social media are different in their nature and audience, and what is OK for, say, Facebook, will not hit the mark with Instagram users. So first define what people you want to attract and what you want them to do, and then decide what social media will work best in this case. Dispersing your efforts is not a good idea. Focusing on few important social media will definitely be a better strategy.

What works in one social media, will not work in the other. However, main tactics for any media is to provide plenty of visuals, post updates on a regular basis, optimize, enable fast sharing, accumulate inbound links and place visible CTA buttons in convenient location on the site.

So here are down-to-earth but workable recommendations that will significantly improve the site visibility in social media and let you tap into a great source of steady organic traffic.

  • Visuals are a must for traffic boosting and audience engagement. People trust their eyes, no matter what proverbs may say. Potential customers or followers want to see the product or content, and they want videos and infographics more than text reviews. Just some figures: posts in social videos with visual content created engagement 65% higher than plain text posts. People are 85% more likely to buy a product if they see a demo or a presentation video.
  • Expertise in selected social media channels is inseparable from traffic boosting process. As said, every social media channel has its particularities, including level of audience engagement. So even the best visual content can go unseen if posted too late or too seldom. Keep in mind the following approximate schedule:
    • Facebook: posting 3 to 10 times/week
    • Twitter: 5 times/day (minimum)
    • Instagram: 1.5 times/day (varying)
    • linkedIn: 2 to 5 times/week
    • Google+: posts 3 to 10 times/week
    • Snapchat: the more the better.
  • Sharing should be as easy as pie – or even simpler. Now most interactions go via mobile devices, so take care to optimize posted content for easy sharing on mobile. The less effort people make while sharing, the more eagerly they do it – and expand your audience.
  • SEO needs attention just as any other part of traffic boosting campaign. Optimizing content for better indexing in Google or Bing automatically increases the site visibility and chances that users will click on it in the search list.
  • Inbound links are to be valued and encouraged – especially if found in social media. Links can be built via mutual content sharing with sites and groups of your interest, via directing visitors to some interesting blog that will eventually land them on your site. Promote your content and encourage people to share it – this chain reaction can bring you steady growth of traffic that you look for.
  • CTA buttons need no extra explanation – they are to be large and color-marked to urge audience to action. The well known rule: action buttons are to be easily identified and accessed by site visitors. So place it in the upper part of the site, make inscriptions short and action-oriented, use red, blue and green colors and big bold fonts.