How To Persuade Management That You Need Video

Videos can make a great difference and persuade the target audience that your services or goods are exactly what they need. Videos are bright, catchy and interesting, so you won’t find your customers or users sleeping or surfing the web, while you are presenting your services.

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However, not every manager or CEO understands the importance of a promotional video, so often it becomes a real challenge to convince them that your company or product will surely benefit from its launch. Below is a list of the most common questions and phrases you will hear when addressing the management. We are ready to provide you with the winning answers and help you persuade everyone that video can become a key to company’s success and prosperity.

  1. Nobody cares about videos! Actually, it is wrong. The statistic shows that 64% of users will more likely make a purchase if they watch a promotional video. Use any available statistics to show your CEO that videos actually matter;
  2. Will the video make any difference even if people watch it? Apart from market statistics, you can show your CEO how competitor’s videos help them to enlarge the audience. You can also explain that videos help to solve a wide range of issues, including increasing number of downloads and sales;
  3. Why will videos work in our case, considering the fact that it is not a common tool in the industry? It doesn’t matter what the size of your company is or what goods and services you are producing. Every enterprise has a story to tell and useful products to offer. Make sure you convey such information in an interesting way and you will surely increase your audience. Can you imagine what could have happened to Revzilla, a famous seller of motorcycle parts, without videos? Now they have 500 million views on Youtube and hundreds of thousands of subscribers worldwide!
  4. Videos can be a useful instrument but we don’t have funds for it. Start with something smaller not to demand a huge budget. It can be a phone-recorded video, a collection of reviews and so on. If you get enough material to engage the audience, you won’t find it difficult to attract more and more funds.

Remember that boosting productivity and promoting new ideas is the only way to attract the attention of the customers and to increase your company’s profits. That is why you should never feel shy or insecure to go straight to your manager or CEO and offer fresh and interesting ideas. Videos are a great way of increasing the target audience and now you have all the tools and answers to persuade everyone.