When Money Matters: Is Spending More On Explainer Videos Is OK?

No one argues that price lists for video production in reputable companies may look a bit too high. Yes, there are a lot of companies that offer to put together a video clip for costs close to nothing. Yes, a video runs only 2 or 3 minutes, so spending thousands on this movie seems unreasonable. Yes, as the company changes its product range new videos are needed, so money is spent regularly and the budget cannot carry this additional burden.

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But let us have a closer look at how video industry works. Taking into consideration reasons against throwing in lots of money, should you agree to pay more for explainer videos for your company?

Never try to save on making a staple marketing component. The more you save on the stage of production – the more you will spend afterwards on troubleshooting.

  • yes, because high quality is not paired with short deadlines and cheap tools and tricks. A good (even if short) video needs weeks of hard work plus professional equipment and skills in animation or location, cast and accompanying costs in live action clips. Proper editing, selection of components, etc, take significant amount of time, human work and equipment. Moreover, developing a story that wakes up emotions in the audience and imprints the concept and message firmly in human minds is also a task not everyone can deal with.
  • yes, because in the long run good video will save you a lot more. First, a good explainer video increases conversion and trust, and that means more customers and sales. Second, a one-time payment for a good video is better than several payments for fixing troubles and remaking an openly weak video product. These seemingly smaller sums for fixing problems with cheap videos will add up to a sum significantly larger that the one-time cost of a professionally crafted product.
  • yes, because a high-quality video immediately creates positive image of your company. You order this video because you want to impress and persuade site visitors and turn them into your customers. This video will be shown to investors and visitors of trade shows. People will not watch videos that are boring, poorly produced or miss the points customers need to know. Similarly, no investor will become interested in your company if during the presentation video product cannot deliver the message, vision or purpose of the company.

A good explainer video brings your more customers, creates positive image of the company, distinguishes it from others and all in all impresses new viewers so they got interested in what you do. So it is really worth investing more money.

  • yes, because it will remain fresh and vibrant long after production. A really good video will play a role long after the date of its publishing. Its shelf life will be unlimited. To achieve this, creators must include core concepts about your company that will not change despite changes in products range or place of operation. If these clips are good enough, they will be an anchor of the website and trademark of your company just like the product you offer.
  • yes, because a good video requires careful customization and tailoring. Today too many videos rely on clichés and stock art that goes for free – and is found in every second video you watch. Such videos neither convey the uniqueness of your company, nor catch viewers’ attention. Pay a bit more to get really individual video content that will distinguish your business.
  • yes, because many small details add up to create a big picture, and these small details need funds. Every detail necessary for customization or for creating a really, really good product needs investments. Good composers, animation artists, cameramen, scenic locations, pavilions, software – everything has its price.
  • yes, because it means finding a reliable and qualified partner to entrust with more video content creation in the future. Hiring a reputable company from the start means that you will maintain this cooperation in the future – good specialists need no replacement, and they are already acquainted with specifics of your company’s operations. So every next project will take a bit less efforts and will strike the chord with customers just as the first explainer video did. This is definitely worth paying a bit more.