Are Videos Truly Efficient In Engaging The Audience? Scientists Say ‘Yes’

Although it is a commonplace that videos are better for catching the audience attention, we rarely give it a second thought. Yet scientists are people of great curiosity and perseverance, and it is due to their efforts that we know this maxim about videos. The point is that videos start a whole lot of different chemical and physical reactions in human body, the effect that a text can never achieve. So in order to understand what features make videos a successful marketing tool, learn the following amazing facts about ‘moving pictures’.

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  • Memory section for storage: videos are stocked in long-term memory section in contrast to short-term storage dedicated to textual information. So once a video is watched, it will linger in a person’s memory, most probably influencing his or her buying decision. So instead of writing miles-long text, create a catchy landing page video. It will differentiate you from potential competitors and make a potential customer remember your company and products it presents.
  • Speed of data processing. Just as it remains longer in a person’s memory, a video is also processed significantly faster. ‘Significantly’ here stands for 60,000 times faster than a text can be processed. So you can put comparatively larger amounts of info into the video you create. Yet do not overdo with content – videos are aimed to attract and interest viewers, not to make them feel they are sitting their math exams once again.

Videos are so popular with audience because they influence human biology, so they are literally irresistible. Visual memory prevailing in people, fast data processing and direct channel between the eyes and the brain prompt that videos are a key to marketing success.

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Keep the video focused to hit the mark in customers’ hearts. Attention should not disperse, so tell a story in the video, not just show pictures.

  • Brain section where processing occurs. Retaining and processing video data occurs in the brains part where emotions are born (this part is called medial temporal lobe). So while processing videos people usually engage their emotions as well (even not intending to). So while getting the message people also build emotional connections and perceive videos on a deeper level that they would perceive a text. So mind what message you might put into the video and what reaction it might cause – emotional reaction, in this case.
  • ‘Broadband’ data channeling. About 40% of all brain nerve channels are attached to the eye retina. The most hi-end Internet provider could only dream of such data transmission speed and the broadband dedicated to it. So any info received by human eyes is delivered to the brain in no time at all – literally speaking.
  • Prevalence of visual learning. The previous point about ‘broadband data delivery’ also explains why majority of people (about 65%) are visual learners. The brains receives about 90% of all data in visual form, and only remaining 10% are provided for non-visual info like sound, smell, etc. So follow the lead the nature gives you and facilitate learning about your product. Provide explaining or product description videos, and your customers will highly appreciate that. Storytelling or just showcasing – the message will reach the goal anyway.
  • Retaining focus of the story. Despite the easiness with which videos reach the customers’ hearts and minds, be careful to provide meaningful videos that leave customers little to figure out by themselves. Any extraneous image or fact makes people distract and try to understand how it relates to the overall story. If it is unrelated, the narration is distorted in human mind. Some small gaps are OK, but if they are really tiny and if facts necessary for filling them were already provided. So double check the smoothness of logic in the video and only then treat your customers to a freshly backed video dish.

So all in all, videos are priceless in business promotion and they can be used all across the marketing and selling processes. So pick a type of video and do your best to create a worthy bit of a short movie.